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my time in Africa




   My time in Africa 2011






   The Genesis of Dreadlocks

There are many myths, misconceptions and just plane lack of Knowledge regarding the long history, the Spiritual, Royal, and prideful importance of this old and beautiful hairstyle.


Motherland Security

  Fighting Terrorism Since the 1400's

  Not Black enough?!! read my take. . .

  25th August 2006 ABC’s Primetime aired a program on HIV/AIDS within the Black Community.

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   "The First Black," Nothing has changed.






photo me Still I am a Nigger                           


photo me Admixture Testing


photo me My last rant on this subject


photo me The Black Male Image


photo me Heroes and She-roes


photo me It's  hard to say goodbye


photo me It's a Man's World


photo me Self Inflected Genocide


photo me Why I voted for Mr. Gary Coleman for Governor of California


photo me Old school (what does it mean)




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